Reverse Tattoo

Crowwitch is an avid reader, gamer and deep thinker in her late thirties. This busy mother of two works full time and divides her time off between playing chauffeur and referee. Crowwitch found her way onto the pagan path before she realized such a path existed. Striking a balance between home and spirit she prefers to spend her evenings at her rural New Brunswick home, with her patient partner and kids. Visit her personal website at Crowwitch



Katie P is a gardener, birdwatcher, beach comber and book worm in her early thirties. She lives in rural New Brunswick with her crazy dog and mischievous cat. Katie has a keen interest in the intricate balance between physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and two feet planted firmly in the dirt. She  believes that all life is a divine celebration and that laughter is the best medicine. She blogs at Wyldwomyn.


Mike C

When Mike C. began to call himself a Pagan in the early 90s, he had no idea there were communities or books. When he finally found others, he took a tour of pagan paths before settling into a life of spiritual wanderer. Through the years he has been involved in organizing pagan message boards, study groups, workshops, volunteer organizations, as well as open and private group rituals. He currently lives a quieter life in Riverview, New Brunswick, with his patient wife.


Natasha D

Natasha is a new mom, nurse, Pagan and soundtrack junkie in her mid-twenties. She has been calling herself a pagan since her early teens, although arguably she has held pagan beliefs since childhood. Natasha  seeks to find the spiritual in the everyday, as she strives to thrive in a challenging career and busy family life.  She lives in Dieppe, NB with her fiancé, son and two adorably infuriating cats. Treewise is her first venture into the world of blogging. Now, she also mantains a family nature blog at Planting Seeds.




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