To Pray is A-Okay!

When the ideas that would form into Treewise were first floating between us, we talked about wanting to share a variety of things in our posts – including prayers.

With the Sun gone out of sight

I welcome the Goddess with the night

Watch over me Lady while I rest

That in the morning I may be blessed

I don’t think the exact wording of this bed time prayer needs to be strict. The rhymes make it easy to remember (I hope), but is the Sun gone OUT OF sight, or FROM sight? Does the Lady watch over me WHILE I rest, or AS I rest? I think the important thing is trying to inspire a bit the magical mystery of the night, and asking it to watch over you (or your child) while you sleep. You could easily tack on a list of other people you would like Her to watch over. Quick note: I think at first glance this poem is Goddess-religion centric, but it isn’t necessarily. Balancing the Goddess with the Sun (ie Sun goes, Goddess arrives) suggests more of a duo-theistic view with a God and Goddess. Really, even Heathen (Teutonic/Northern European) pagans trying to reconstruct their beliefs based on historic accuracy could use this. In many Northern myths, the night is a Goddess that gives birth to her Son (Day) every morning.

Wyrd Sisters watch over me

Help me Accept the Past, Respect the Present, and Shape the Future

In Northern myth, the Wyrd Sisters are three women (Norns) who’s identity has mingled with the three Fates from Classical myth. Today they are commonly seen as weavers of Fate (the Web of Wyrd). I see this second prayer as more of a morning one, preparing to deal with what may come that day. The message is quite straight forward. Accept what has happened, pay attention to what is going on around you now, and take responsibility to bring about the future you desire.

I hope you enjoy these!

page-breakMike CMike C. is a geeky Pagan, living a quieter life with his loving wife in Riverview, NB


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